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On Friday August 16, 2019, Garon loss his life to a senseless act of gun violence. His 17 year old life was prematurely taken away from his parents, siblings, family, the community he served and the communities he planned to serve.
Affectionately know to his mom and his siblings as Bu-Bi, his maternal grandmother as Source-Stain, his late Aunt Francis as Nu and finally his dad called him Nu-Ki. He was a different kid. He love to hang out with his older brother and his friends. Bu-Bi played sports but football was his passion. Football and school were his main focuses. He scored a 22 on his ACT test but wanted to take it again because he wanted a higher score. Garon was a great kid.
He was kind, dedicated, and he knew how to bring great energy to a room. Everyone who knew Garon could agree that he was certainly someone you didn’t mind being around. His parents did a great job raising him because he was also extremely respectful. He loved to play around, but he knew, and respected, when it was time to focus and get things done. 
Garon’s death inspired a movement that will rehabilitate communities across the nation and eventually globally. The movement is GPAL, The Garon Paul Atkinson Lewis Foundation. Here at GPAL we believe in “Hope for the Hopeless”. We will be the silver lining in dark communities and we plan on doing so by letting Garon’s light shine through us.


These are the beliefs that we were founded on and the beliefs we will lead by.


We are committed to respecting ourselves and others in order to foster an environment of teamwork and growth.


The GPAL Promise is to commit to our purpose, mission, and vision by dedicating our time, effort, and service to the foundation and the people and communities we serve.


Our purpose is ensuring that no child, family, or community is starved from the resources needed to properly function and be successful in this world.


To serve youth and families by providing them counseling, mentoring, and skill building and educational services in a safe environment to support the development of their futures.


To improve the lives of youth, families, and communities suffering from oppression, poverty, and violence.

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