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New Iberia Teen Court

Teen Court

A Peer Justice and Juvenile Diversion Program

What is Teen Court?

Teen Court is a peer justice and juvenile diversion program. Juvenile offenders of non-violent crimes may be referred to the program where a court of their peers will determine their sentence. If the juvenile offender completes their sentence, they will be have the charge(s) removed from their record. If the juvenile offender fails to complete their sentence, they will be subject to return to juvenile court and be tried there.

This program is beneficial to students who are interested in a career in law and/or criminal justice. Adults are also welcome to join us as volunteers. Students will serve as judges, jurors, attorneys, bailiffs, and clerks. Adults will act as court moderators and assist in administrative duties.  

Our goal is to decrease the amount of repeat juvenile offenders by offering an alternative court setting where they may feel more comfortable speaking and receiving direction and implementing effective programming that encourages change in the offenders. Teen Court also seeks to provide judicial experience and scholarships to all participants. 


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Contact Teen Court

Email Us:

Call/Text Us: 337-352-2493

Program Director: Tyra McWhorter

Program Administrator: Tytiana McWhorter

Volunteer Coordinator: Crystal Williams

Iberia Parish School Liaison: Brett Ferguson

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