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Meeting Boys Where They Are & Supporting Their Transition Into Men

Be A Man to Be The Man Initiative

One of the most unique aspects about The GENTS is the informal mentoring of fathers. The GENTS recognizes the importance of a male's presence in society and more importantly, in the family dynamic. We also recognize that the world of fathering is rapidly changing. There is no set age at which people are becoming fathers. There are fathers at all ages who don't fully understand their role, that's where Be A Man to Be The Man steps in. 

If you are a father, interested in mentoring other fathers, leave us your contact information and a GENTS representative will be in touch. 

Why The GENTS?

The GENTS focuses on a variety of principles that are sure to promote change in young men such as:

  • Insuring they participate in Rites of Passage

  • Insuring they have proper male role models

  • Instilling in them respect for their fellow man

  • Instilling in them the value of marriage and family unity

  • Instilling in them the value and importance of education

  • Instilling in them community, civil, and political responsibility

  • Instilling in them rock solid faith in God

GENTS also recognizes the generational gap. We understand the difference in generation and do not aspire to mentor youth according to our generation, but according to their generation and the best methods for success and survival in this time. 

Interested in GENTS?

We are actively working to partner with local schools to have GENTS be an after-school program. If you are a school administrator and you are interested in learning more about GENTS and how it can benefit your youth, please leave us your contact information. 

If you are interested in being a mentor for fathers or young boys, you may also leave us your information. 

If you are interested in enrolling a young man or father into the GENTS program, fill out the application linked below. 
GENTS thanks you for your interest. Someone will be in touch. 

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