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The HBCU Experience

An Elevated College Touring Experience

What is The HBCU Experience?

The HBCU Experience is an opportunity offered to students to visit HBCU campuses across the nations to explore their options for higher education.

Our goal is to expose students to HBCUs and all they have to offer. Part of the experience will include attending campus events (sporting events, campus engagement, etc.) and opportunities to meet deans, advisors, student leaders, and more. 

We believe that by allowing prospects the opportunity to engage on campus as a student would, they will have a better understanding as to whether the school is a fit for them or not. 

Our Initiatives

We also offer other initiatives to promote student success before, during, and after the admissions process. These initiatives include:

  • Freshman College Survival Guide/Crash Course

    • Learn everything you need to know about surviving that 1st year of college.​

  • College Admissions Assistance

    • Get help with your college application(s) and FAFSA​

  • Scholarship Assistance

    • Get help finding and applying for scholarships to help cover some college expenses. There is a scholarship for EVERYBODY.​

Get Involved

The HBCU Experience is on its way and we would love to have you join us!

We are seeking chaperones, committee members, and sponsors to help us get this show on the road. If you are interested in any of the above listed positions, please contact the Program Director, Tytiana McWhorter, by phone or email for more information. 

We appreciate your interest!

Tytiana McWhorter

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